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Anu Tailam (PACK OF 5)

Anu Tailam (PACK OF 5)

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SRI AYUNATH ANU TAILAM is a traditional Ayurvedic herbal oil for the care of all health issues above the neck part of the body. It is a clean and potent Ayurvedic oil that provides strength to sense organs and stabilizes the glands of the head and neck. It helps to lubricate the nasal passage and removes all the mucus and accumulated doshas localized in the head i.e. from all sinuses (empty spaces) in the skull resulting in easy breathing, clear voice and enhanced eye vision with the improved mental strength and many more benefits.


    • Bala (sida cordifolia)
    • Rasna (alpinia galanga)
    • Renuka (vitex negundo)
    • Aja dugad (goat’s milk)
    • Devadaru (cedrus deodara)
    • Prishnaparni (uraria picta)
    • Agru (aquilaria agallocha)
    • Kamal (nelumbo nucifera)
    • Bail giri (aegle marmelos)
    • Chandan (santalum album)
    • Khas (vetiveria zizanioides)
    • Amala (emblica officinalis)
    • Mulethi (glycyrrhiza glabra)
    • Bibitaki (terminalia belerica)
    • Kantkari (solanum surattnse)
    • Haritaki (terminalia chebula)
    • Vayavidanga (embelia ribes)
    • Sariva (hemidesmus indicus)
    • Til tailam (sesamum indicum)
    • Vanbhanta (solanum indicum)
    • Daruharidra (berberis aristata)
    • Nagarmotha (cyperus scariosus)
    • Jeevanti (leptadenia reticulata)
    • Tej patra (cinnamomum tamala)
    • Sugandhbala (valeriana wallichi)
    • Dalchini (cinnamimum zeylanicum) 
    • Shalaparni (desmodium gangeticum)
    • Choti elaichi (elettaria cardamomum)
    • Kamal kesar (nelumbo nucifera) stigmas

    • Helpful in Sinusitis
    • Reduces Graying of hair
    • Prevents Facial Paralysis
    • Prevents Dryness of skin
    • Helpful in Common cold/flu
    • Keep shoulders and neck strong
    • Prevents Wasting in cervical region
    • Relieves all headaches (including migraine)
    • Sense organs become clear and strengthened
    • Mouth becomes fresh and free from foul smell
    • Helpful in disorders of body parts above clavicle

    Two drops in each nostril, once or twice a day or as directed by a Physician


    • With head tilted towards back and in-still drops of SRI AYUNATH ANU TAILAM into both nostrils by keeping the nozzle of the bottle near the nostril and squeeze to release the oil and sniff. 
    • Spit out if mucus drips in your throat.
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