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We, at SRI AYUNATH AYURVEDIC RESEARCH LAB personify the ultimate ancient and authentic Indian traditional medicine system with the amalgamation of cutting edge technology. A legacy builds on medicine purity, sustainability, pioneering research and development.
SRI AYUNATH AYURVEDIC RESEARCH LAB. ‘s main motive is to amplify the two basic principle objectives of ayurveda.

It means, “to prolong life and promote perfect health and to completely eradicate the disease and dysfunction of the body”.

OUR AIM:- is to satisfy the manifold requirements of our clients who seek pure herbal preparations which are effective, along with a passion for quality and sustainability and a promise of naturally derived ayurvedic medicines, advanced by scientific expertise.

VISION:- To provide overall best health care and to maintain it through ayurveda.

OUR STORY:- “2020”,a year with various phases and lifelong lessons. One main lesson for us was the importance of immunity,mental well-being, healthy lifestyle and awareness about true ayurvedic knowledge. Worldwide it was seen that ayurvedic herbs and formulations were very effective for enhancing human immunity, mental well-being, healthy lifestyle but only if it was professional and authentic. S.A.A.R.L. team worked on the real ayurveda and its main objectives, so that the society should not face such overall health issues and would also maintain the attained physical and mental health. If any pandemic strikes ,bodies would able to eradicate it automatically or heal themselves easily without any indispensible loss.
Nevertheless, with the idea of healthy community, we decided to promote 5000 years old real medical science of ayurveda with new age science. Just focusing on adding years to life and life to years.

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